Breakfast Wine


Image of Breakfast Wine

I have been playing around with this image for quite a while and could never really get it to work. The first one were overly complicated with loads of multi coloured halftones, drips of paint and extensive underpainting and although one or 2 of them were ok the others were a mess.
Just the other day I was going to strip the screen when I decided on a whim to try this screen again in a much simpler way just using a simple block background with white underpainting and a final black key layer. I have been trying to work away from red, black and white as they are colours that I am naturally drawn to and I think it is always good to work away from the comfort zone. But This one works! Red, black and white saved this image.
This is an edition of 4 on wood in black frames. They are all slightly different, being hand painted and finished.
This is number 3 of the 4
45 x 55 cm with a frame depth of 2 cm.
Scroll down for more images of the piece.
For the duration of the Welcome to the Simulation exhibition this piece will be exclusively @ Atom Gallery

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