She is my Spy as I am Hers (2 of 10)


Image of She is my Spy as I am Hers (2 of 10)

She is my Spy, as I am Hers
I listen to the radio a lot. I listen to plays and the news (who dun what with whom with what) and science shows with the odd bit comedy thrown in. I listen to it because I like to hear human voices whilst I work. The words don’t really matter. There is information and noise. It is the noise that I am listening to. The background hum of the universe speaking to itself, making sure that it is all still there, all still chattering away.
In our world of insta-news there is a certain comfort in all our chatter becoming noise for the greater universe. With my listening the radio I spy on the universe and she spies right back at me.
This piece is a mix between screen printing and painting and measures 42 x 61.5 cm and is on fabriano 5 acid free paper.
No. 2 in a variable edition of 10.
For the duration of the Welcome to the Simulation exhibition this piece will be exclusively @ Atom Gallery

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