Raptor Island!


Image of Raptor Island!

Coming Now to a Screen Print Near You
Raptor Island!
Billed as a collaboration between painter Jamie Harper and screen-printer Leo Boyd Raptor Island! Is the first artwork to be released by this dynamic duo.
Based upon a Jamie Harper original (created in June 2017 for Jamie Does the Election) this piece is a mixture between a painting and a screen print. Each artwork is created using a ghost print which is then hand painted before the final screen printed layer.
Raptor Island! Is a variable edition of 20 onto acid free fabriano paper and comes in at 35 x 50 cm. As each one is hand painted every piece is a unique artwork. Each piece is numbered and signed by Jamie harper and Leo Boyd.
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    Image of Raptor Island! Image of Raptor Island! Image of Raptor Island!