Image of Bit-bit

This is a recent edition to the tech-head series. I love the idea of tech having empathy for other tech in the same way that we have empathy for our pets. Robots of the future hugging old tech in the way some humans hug trees. There is at least some comfort in the coming singularity.
This piece is a multilayered screen print/painting with a ton of underpainting, hand finishing bits of halftone and posca drawn lines.
This is the 7th piece in a series of 10 but all of them due to the painty nature of the piece will be completely different and can be seen as stand alone artworks.
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Image size 35 x 50 cm
screen print and painting onto 250 gm acid free fabriano paper.
Edition of 10.

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    Image of Bit-bit Image of Bit-bit Image of Bit-bit Image of Bit-bit