Into the Abyss

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Image of Into the Abyss

I don't have a phone. It is not from a moral standpoint as I am pretty much phone-phobic. The very idea of carrying a miniature computer around in my pocket fills me with awe and dread in equal measure.
The title of the piece comes from Nietzsche's "if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you" and make of that as you will.
We are all of us computers and we all stare into the abyss. It is sometimes a good thing to reflect on the fact that the abyss is staring back at us.
'Into the Abyss' is a variable edition screen-print-painting with a lot of underpainting and hand finishing. It is an edition of 20 and measures 76 x 56 cm.
The paper is grey fabriano 5 acid free art paper.
As each of these pieces are so different from one another I will upload them for sale one at a time so the one you see pictured here is the one that is for sale.
All art works are numbered and signed.
Many thanks

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