For Godzilla and Ulster (A3)


Image of For Godzilla and Ulster (A3)

The idea for this piece came to me a while back in my studio where I was working on something completely different. Then like a bolt from the blue ‘For Godzilla and Ulster!’ And my first thought was, why didn’t I think of this years ago? I have made countless pieces of work featuring Godzilla wandering around the streets of Belfast so how was it that I had failed to equate the For God and Ulster campaign with these images?
The mind boggles. I am just glad that my subconscious was there picking up all the unsubtle clues that I had missed.
I have released a small number of this edition online as the rest are to be sold in the real physical world.
This is 2 color screen print onto orange card and is an edition of 50 (10 of which are available here.
It measures 29.7 x 42 cm.
Many thanks

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