The Medium and the Message

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This piece is the first new print to be created in my new studio in the Belfast Bankers art space and very happy with it I am.
The peice is a mixture of under layers of screen print which have then been painted over, screen printed, painted and then screen printed again.
There is a lot of paint on this paper.
It is a variable edition so no 2 prints are the same... I will have a full thread of the werks on the urban arts association which you can see by following the link below.
If there is one that you like over the others just specify that one in your order and I will get it in the post for you...
If not I will send you the next one in the series.
The Medium and the Message
Screen Print and painting onto fabriano acid free paper
Variable Edition of 10
Size 35.5cm X 50cm
There are currently only 4 of these left.