Post-Human-Cycle-Chicks-Go-Wild! (Paper Edition)


Image of Post-Human-Cycle-Chicks-Go-Wild! (Paper Edition)

A few months ago I was asked to create a piece of work for an exhibition about cycling. I like cycling. Two dodgy rubber wheels on sub par Victorian roads with a sub par machine between my legs is the mode of transport that gets me and my silk screens about Belfast.
Bikes are sexy, bikes are stupid, bikes are fun and bikes are the way of the future.
So this piece is a response to my love of bikes. And robots and ye olde style design/erotic mags that one (not me obviously) used to find washed up hedgerows.
This is a multi layered screen print/painting onto fabriano 5 acid free paper. It measures 35.5 x 49 cm and is a a variable edition of 5. Each of them are petty different so can be seen as stand alone pieces in their own right.
There is another one of these on paper over at the Atom Gallery site here

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