Ice Cream Toppers

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Ice Cream Toppers
Affectionately known as Ice Cream Vans these cute little armoured cars roll around the streets of Belfast, spreading cheer and joy and bringing smiles to all the kids’ faces.
Not really. Though they do look like some weird post apocalyptic Ice Cream Van. The Title, Ice Cream Toppers is an almost anagram of Crime-stoppers, the stencilled letters that normally adorn the sides of these vans. There was no A. I had to invent the A.
Anyhoo. Now for the technical stuff.
Print size = 43 x 35 cm
The piece is hand printed and painted onto 9mm plywood with some layers of under printing and under painting and a whole pile of overlapped halftone for good measure!
As each piece is hand painted they are all rather different and can be seen as stand alone art works.